Who We Are

Philip L. Hayes

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Sirius Innovations, LLC, Phil served as a Technology Solutions Consultant and Web Applications Programmer for fortune 500 companies, large municipalities and hospitals. He is fluent in the SQL, ColdFusion, PHP and Javscript programming languages. He also a power user of the WordPress Content Management System.

Philip became a Genealogy addict when in 1998, his Uncle, Lloyd W Lewis, sat he and his wife down on the deck of his Uncle's Pennsylvania home and told them the story of his Great, Great Grandfather Henry W. Lewis, the Privateer. The story was so intriguing that Phil found himself yearning for more details. Hence...Philip Hayes, the Genealogist was born. Leveraging his technology skills, Philip has grown and developed the family tree well beyond what his Uncle could have ever dreamed of.

Map The Past is the product of Phil's drive to learn more about where and how his own relatives lived their lives during some very trying times. Through this "Cluster Research" approach, Phil has signifiant expanded the stories of ancestors.


Memberships & Associations

Bob Naughton

Chief Technology Officer




Peter Hayes

Peter Hayes

Chief Evangelist / Investor Relations

Peter is responsible for strategic partrnerships with an emphasis on building relations to compliment the MapThePast initiative. He has broad experience is in investor and client relations for start-ups that are entrepreneurial in nature. In these positions, Peter has spearheaded the business planning and organization of programs, systems while increasing access to working capital. Most recently, Peter has spear-headed processes and strategic partnerships along with angel funding in a social media start-up.






Special Contributions Made By:

Joseph Blaney, Applications Developer

Web Programmer with over 4 years professional experience creating applications utilizing Adobe ColdFusion and JavaScript technologies. Over 5 years experience in database analysis, design, programming and warehousing. Currently working on various projects as an independent contractor based in Philadelphia. Available to develop or assist in the development of both the front and back ends of dynamic data-driven web applications. Hire Me or see some of the projects I've recently worked on!