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Katonah - A Walking Tour

From the early 1880’s on, rumors circulated that New York City needed more water. Nothing, however, prepared the citizens of Katonah for the 1893 New York Times headline: “Destruction to Katonah.”


Katonah - A Walking Tour (Part Two - The Commercial District)

Commercial District Tour – This tour begins with the property directly across the street from the train station.


New Castle Historical Society Trail

This GeoTrail will take you on a tour of historic house of New Castle, New York


Stepney Trail

The Stepney Heritage Trail consists of the trailhead Kiosk on the Green, Roadside markers at each site and/or oval Plaques placed on the existing buildings.


Tierney Family

This GeoTrail displays the residences and places of work of the descendants of James F Tierney of New York.