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Search Engine. Full, unrestricted use of our powerful search engine for Places, People, Content and GeoTrails Yes Yes
Places. Our database contains more than 1 million places with GPS Coordinates, people connections, article connections, pictures and related links. Yes
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Full Access
People. View our complete database of people and their connections to places and stories Yes
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Full Access
Content. Full access to our Content database that includes personal stories, transcriptions, research suggestions and more. Yes Yes
GeoTrails. Full access to our entire database of GeoTrails. Yes Yes
Community. Connect with other MTP members to share ideas, make discoveries. Yes Yes
Support. 24 hour Support Desk Yes
Concierge Service. Request help and/or documents through our FREE concierge service. Yes Yes
Create and share Content. Connect them to the Places and People that make their story complete. Share your research tips for specific places.   Yes
Create and share GeoTrails. You can easily create and share your own GeoTrails with friends and family members.   Yes
Create and Geo-locate a new place. You can keep these places private or share them with other History Detectives.   Yes
Add Photographs. Upload your photographs (or non-copyrighted) and connect them to the places in our database.   Yes

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